Collection Dropping

How to whitelist

We will have two stages of whitelisting. Stage 1 is only open to the first 120 people and includes a fully personalized NFT. Stage 2 will be open for 72 hours. To quality for the whitelist you must:

1. Follow our Twitter

The universe whispers. The Astroverse tweets.

2. Like our project on Magic Eden

Watch this space for the drop.

3. Join our Discord community

Where fans gather to demystify the mystical.

4. Invite 5 members to Discord

Know someone who needs luck?

5. Reach level 5 on Discord

Make friends in the Astroverse.

Mint Cost  2 SOL

The more active you are in our Discord community, the higher your chance is of landing a spot on our whitelist.

Stay tuned in to Discord and Twitter for the exact dates.