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a fortune reading in every Astro Avatar

Astro Avatars are NOT randomly generated. They reflect a personal fortune you can read in full after minting. Our Master Astrologer, The Firegpig, will read your fortune using his favorite Chinese astrology system — Mahjong cards. It’s ancient, and eerily accurate. Below, you’ll see how your fortune is linked to the rarity of your NFT.

Mahjong Cards

A special fortune given by our Master Astrologer — the Firepig — using his favorite system.

We start with a traditional Mahjong deck, made up of 42 cards, each with its own mystical symbol.

Some examples of how mystical it can get:

Now the fun starts. 3 cards are pulled from the deck, and placed in 3 different positions:

First, Center, and Final.

You will gain insights into your personality (First card), the challenge you’re up against (Center card), and how you can best resolve it (Final card). Each card manifests itself as a different trait on your NFT:

Your personality

Card in First position
IN HAND - This is the object your Astro Avatar holds in his or her hand. The cosmic gifts (or crutches) you possess at the moment.


Card in Center position
COSMIC COSTUME - This is your Astro Avatar’s outfit. Know which life chapter you’re in, and the part you’re playing.

Your future resolution

Card in Final position
FUTURE GUIDE - Background elements turn your NFT into a talisman, guiding you towards the showdown.
If it’s lucky, it’s rare.

The rarity of an NFT trait depends on how many lucky Mahjong cards you get.


No lucky cards.


Some cards are lucky in any position (Uncommon). Some cards are lucky in only one position (Rare). Gold cards known as Guardians are exceptionally lucky. You’re onto something EPIC if you get 3 Guardians.


Only a lucky few will get one, two, or all of The Three Blessings:

1. Green Dragon card in First position - Fortune smiles on you and all your endeavors

2. Red Dragon card in Center position - You will be blessed with great Wealth

3. White Dragon card in Final position - You will lead a Healthy Long Life

Zodiac Animal Signs

12 animals, each representing the cosmic energies that govern the lunar year.
Your birth month, day and hour are also the domain of different animal signs, giving you 4 Animal Signs in total. They’re a great starting point for fathoming yourself and the challenges you’re facing.


Everyone has an Animal Sign (birth year).


A few have all 4 Animal Signs that are compatible.


A lucky few were born in the luckiest month, on the luckiest day and hour of their year.

Your fortune does not dictate your life. It’s a guiding voice.

To grab an opportunity by the horns, or to let it go — that’s always up to you.

Seek your fortune.
Before it slips away!

White list applications open on 9.1.2022

NFT collection drops 9.9.2022