Our mission is to create a world where guidance is available to
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Team Behind The Astroverse™

30+ years in the making. 100,000+ helped. A Father, A Son and 3 Friends. Find out more about our story.

The team

Astrology, crypto and tech enthusiasts, East and West, join forces to build a world where everyone can experience astrology the way it’s meant to be — enlightening, fulfilling, and fun.

Fire Pig

Master Astrologer. Student of Chinese astrology. 30+ years of guiding people through the fog.

Fire Dragon

Entrepreneur & Storyteller. Producer of films, art, and the story of the Astroverse.

Water Rat

Entrepreneur for life. Deep passion for developing high-performing Culture.

Water Pig

Chief Architect. Can get sucked into Purple Star and Four Pillars of Destiny birth charts.

Earth Dragon

Product Design Leader. Engineering new breeds of NFTs and Platforms.

Ready for your Fortune?

Embedded in your NFT is a
Fortune Reading waiting for you.

White list applications open on 9.1.2022